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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Rachel Haltiwanger and I am in my fifth year teaching ESL. Until this year, all of my experience has been in elementary schools but I've just moved up to middle school for a new challenge with SIFE students. I love what I do, but in five years of teaching I have never once had a classroom inside the building- always in the trailers out back. It's easy to be cynical about the leaky roof and borderline AC unit, but we call our classrooms the Cozy Learning Cottages and it really does feel like home to the English learners who traipse out here every morning.

I'm hoping to post lesson plans, videos, ideas, and funny stories as we go through the rest of this year and into the next. I've loved learning from teacher blogs over the years and they have given me some of my favorite lesson ideas. I can't wait to be learning from each other on this space!

Thanks for visiting!

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