Sunday, April 3, 2016

New Resource and GIVEAWAY! Describing People Flashcards and Reader

It's the last day of Spring Break, and while I haven't quite gotten everything done that I wanted to (does that ever really happen?), I did manage to finish a few more resources and post them to my store. 

Next week with my newcomers, we'll be working on describing people. In my group, I have one student who has been here all year, and everyone else has come and gone since then, which means that only one student has actually experienced all of my lessons. Some students just arrived within the last two weeks and haven't learned feelings words yet, others are starting to produce language on their own and need more instruction in more technical vocabulary.

So I made a set of flashcards that include everything from hair color and eye color to feelings words. I intentionally chose photos instead of clip art for the feelings words because I find that my students sometimes have trouble interpreting the "feeling" on cartoon characters' faces. I also try to look for diverse children and adults for the pictures, because of the nature of my ESL class and the diversity we have there.

I used the same pictures (along with a few others) in the reader and decided to write it in such a way that students could practice asking and answering questions to describe the photos. After we've practiced describing characters for a while, we'll be moving on to playing Guess Who? to review the adjectives we've learned (have you all seen the new version? It includes food words, sea animals, and pets, which are other great vocabulary for my students to practice! Love it!).

We also like to listen to this song to practice describing words:

You can download the full packet here, but I'll also be giving away 5 packets to the first 5 people to share this post on facebook or twitter and email me at completely FREE! Simply email me with the subject line "Giveaway" and a link to your tweet or facebook share.