Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Earth Day, Close Reading, and Jigsaws, Oh my!

It's Spring Break and I'm trying to get ahead for the rest of the year (and also get some good books in!). I can't believe the week is already half over.

Earth day is one of my favorite holidays to teach about, in part because it means summer is coming and in part because there are so many fun activities, videos, and books to do around that theme! This year with my high group of third graders, we're going to learn about Earth day with a close reading and jigsaw activity.
I start by splitting the students into their "expert groups", which in this case I do by reading level. Each group reads their assigned passage together and works on the questions. Once all of the groups have finished, they cut out their puzzle pieces and join their "jigsaw group", smaller groups of 3 with one representative from each group. The members each present their puzzle pieces, then glue their completed puzzle on construction paper and mount it on the wall.

I love activities like these because they are accessible to all of my learners, allow each of them to feel like an expert, and keep everyone engaged and responsible for each others' learning. You can purchase this activity in my TPT store or you can download a sample of my close reading passages here for free!

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